0 10 Ways to grow your audience

So, you have a shiny new website, you have set up all your accounts on the different social media platforms BUT you don’t have those important FOLLOWERS! 

Audience reach is critical to growing your business.  Take a look at these 10 TOP TIPS to help GROW YOUR AUDIENCE …


(1)     Understand WHO and WHERE your Customer is

  • Identify WHO is your ideal client and WHERE they hang out.


  • Understand WHAT information your ideal client needs/wants to know.


  • Once you know WHO, WHERE and WHAT, stop talking to ‘everyone’ and start talking directly to your ideal client.


  • Through the actions listed below, begin to attract a NEW audience.


(2)     Audit your Website

  • Give your website a social media audit. Check content is up to date, branding is consistent, visuals are strong and that it has good SEO.


  • Ask current/previous clients to provide testimonials for inclusion on your website.


(3)     Build Partnerships

  • Build partnerships with businesses in a similar market. Be generous and proactive in recommending them to your clients. This makes it easy for them to reciprocate.  Collaborate by cross promoting each other and increasing your audience reach.


  • List your business on other websites (eg. tourism members, family/group sites, supplier sites). Offer a prize for a competition/raffle.


(4)     Facebook & Instagram

TOP TIP – Master one social media platform at a time. Do your research and training. Implement a strategy as to how you are going to build your audience/following.

TOP TIP - Everything you do is being scored. The more features you use on Facebook and Instagram, the more they favour you as a valued user and share your content.

TOP TIP - Your content attracts your audience.  It is your responsibility to show up in front of the clients and customers you want to attract.

  • Make sure your ‘About Me’ information is up to date and explains exactly what it is you do, what you offer and where they can find you.


  • Work out the best times to post. Discover your unique audience and see when your followers are online by looking at your page insights.


  • Keep your branding consistent on your posts so that your customer recognises you straight away.


  • Write a post to introduce your business. Ask your followers to tag/share to friends and family who they think will be interested. Many paying clients are often from a pool of people that already know and trust you.


  • Always include your location (for SEO).


  • Show your face for higher engagement.


  • Tag/mention others. Chances are they will repost and share.


  • If your followers post a comment, make sure you engage (like and reply).


  • Include a ‘Call to Action’ (eg. ask a question that needs a response, make your reader react/click – buy here, more info, etc).


  • Run some ‘paid ads.’ You don’t have to spend a lot. Dip your toe in and experiment. Do your research beforehand by looking at your insights to see what’s working.


  • Activate the Facebook option allowing your followers to leave a review.


  • Set up a Facebook Group (even the most popular groups started with just one member). If you set up a ‘group’ within your business page, these ‘GROUP’ posts will be shown to 50-60% of members. Providing a much higher engagement.

Your Facebook business page is like your shop window – ‘groups’ are a unique angle that will resonate with your audience. For example, sharing top tips and knowledge. 


  • Use your 30 hashtags on Instagram (2 or 3 for Facebook). Create a list that you can copy and paste – BUT always change a few with each post (if you use the same ones all the time Instagram will think you are a robot and this will limit your reach).


  • Use the Instagram Stories feature (you can’t currently post a story directly to your Facebook business page but you can share your Instagram stories to your BUSINESS Facebook page). The positive - stories stay visible for 24 hours. USE lots of different stickers available on these stories for more Instagram points.


(5)     Videos

  • Record a video and post it on your social media platforms. It is one of the best ways to reach your audience directly and it’s free! People (as well as Facebook and Instagram) love video content. In fact, videos will be shown to even more of your followers (not just the usual 3-10%!)


(6)     Email Marketing

  • Create/include a link on your Website and Facebook pages for customers to subscribe to you for updates.


  • Grow your contact list by creating something useful for potential clients. They will happily subscribe in return for a free downloadable for example that they can benefit from. Alternatively create an irresistible offer/opt in incentive.


  • Send out regular emails to your clients keeping them up to date, providing valuable content and special offers. Stay visible.


 (7)    Write a Blog

  • A Blog is a great way to (i) position yourself as a credible business (ii) build your brand visibility and (iii) gain exposure with a new audience. By directing readers to your blog (on your website) from your social media platforms and email marketing also helps your SEO ranking.


  • Make sure your Blog includes back-links to your website pages.


  • If you don’t like writing, try Vlogging instead! See (5) Videos.


(8)     Advertise

  • Paid Ads and Boosting (on Facebook and Instagram) helps to put your posts in front of your target audience. 


  • It is possible to acquire free features in print (Magazines and Newspapers) when you pay for additional advertising. Alternatively, send a press release to relevant journalists and if it is newsworthy they may contact you for free inclusion.


  • Local radio advertising may be worth considering (and not as expensive as you may think).


 (9)    Network

  • Attend a conference or networking event where your potential clients are hanging out. Don’t forget to take your business cards and any promotional material/collateral.


  • Speak at an event – reach out to organisers highlighting the value you could bring.


(10)   Have Patience

Growing your audience takes time (months!) and effort. Any marketing strategy can take 3-6 months before you start to see any significant results.

This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ So, if you simply don’t have enough hours in the day or are lacking the expertise, contact Little Biz Marketing for additional support and a free 30-minute consultation.

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